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The Quality Policy sets out Cappellotto S.p.A.’s commitment to pursuing its path of excellence, continuing to be a protagonist and leader in the production of technologically advanced equipment and seizing new opportunities for growth, including possible acquisitions in markets that can potentially be developed.

For this reason, every day our work and attention are focused on:

  • the customer:getting to know him, evaluating his needs in order to provide a product that can achieve the highest levels of customisation or competitiveness through standardisation. Structuring our own processes to constantly improve delivery times, keeping the product in line with the requirements of mandatory regulations, accepting new challenges coming from the market, increasing the company know-how and the development of cutting-edge products;
  • satisfying the expectations of internal and external interested parties: by investing in training, in the professional growth of workers, in constant dialogue and collaboration with suppliers, local, private and public entities and the community in the area, in view of shared and virtuous development and benefit;
  • promoting, both inside and outside the company, the culture of quality and ethics by means of training and a constant and targeted communication;
  • the protection of health, safety and well-being at work as well as environmental protection
  • the continuous improvement: to increase process efficiency and provide innovative products;

In accordance with these principles, the objectives that Cappellotto S.p.A. sets are:

  • increasing its market leadership by increasing its production capacities;
  • increasing standardisation by moving more towards products with a configured logic;
  • investing in staff training, safety, quality and infrastructure to support the processes;
  • improving internal processes by introducing software for controlling and planning company resources, product lifecycle management and associated documentation, training and human resources management;

The Management, the Quality Management System Representative, together with the main functions of Cappellotto S.p.A., undertake to update and disclose the Quality Policy and the principles of ISO 9001:2015 to all levels of the Organisation, as well as to customers and interested parties relevant to the company.




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