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Unmatched performance, high power and infinite possible applications.

This is CAPGEO, the evolution of equipment for vacuum loading dust and excavation. Specifically designed by the Cappellotto R&D department for excavation of heavy materials in places difficult to reach with traditional mechanical systems, CAPGEO is fitted with a special lobe pump with extraordinary performance. It can achieve 93% pneumatic vacuum with a flow rate of from 11,000 m3/h to 18,000 m3h and is protected by a special self-cleaning protective sleeve filter which multiplies its performance.

Protected by international patents, the offloading system with tank tipping can swivel on three sides of the vehicle and raise the offloading point to more than two metres to allow CAPGEO to discharge product into a skip.

The rotating arm has the capabilities of an excavator.

Easy to manoeuvre, it can be fitted with accessories to maximise performance in any conditions.

Variants Capgeo



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