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Extreme working conditions do not frighten us, they stimulate us.

The answer to the need to clean sewers or ducts in general is CAPCOMBI, the perfect example of our know-how and leadership. The multiple configurations of CAPCOMBI maximise cleaning efficiency, reducing the manpower required, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum safety for the operators of the equipment.

CAPCOMBI is available in various versions:

  • With stainless steel or carbon steel tank.
  • Tank with internal wall, with mobile wall, concentric, or with side water boxes.
  • Vacuum line with rotary vane, liquid ring or rotary lobe pumps.
  • Certification for the transport of ADR hazardous materials or vacuum loading of ATEX explosive materials.

The high efficiency mechanical transmission enables the pumps to be used independently or in combined mode, according to use. The patented concentric top hose reel with telescopic arm can accommodate up to 70 m of suction hose.

If combined with the front water hose reel, this accessory improves the manoeuvrability and efficiency of the equipment.

Variants Capcombi

CL - side water boxes

FI - internal wall

FM - mobile wall

CC - concentric tank



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