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CAPBORA is the solution for vacuum loading and pneumatic transport of hazardous dusts, sludges and liquids. Thanks to its high suction power, it guarantees extraordinary results, even in extreme working conditions.

The CAPBORA can also mount a vast range of vacuum pumps with flow rates of from 4,500 m3/h to 18,000 m3/h with a maximum vacuum of 93%. The special filter housing incorporated in the tank guarantees perfect suction efficiency and extends the working life of the filter bags, while the cover with hydraulic opening and closing simplifies maintenance. The exclusive automatic system for self-discharging the dust from the filter housing into the tank maintains a continuous flow without having to interrupt suction, thus eliminating down time.

The exclusive Venturi pneumatic pressure offloading system enables the dust to be offloaded at a height of up to 60 m. And that is not all: CAPBORA can mount high-pressure pumps that extend the working life of the components, even when vacuum loading abrasive and aggressive materials. This makes CAPBORA ideal for numerous industrial sectors.

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