Combined sewer cleaner with automatic water recycling system

CAP-RECY is the evolution and development of CAP-COMBI. It is meant for carrying out the hydrodynamic
cleaning of sewers and pipes in the most efficient and economical way ever. The integrated
CAPPELLOTTO exclusive Recycling System separates the sludge from water by means of special
filters and settling tanks. This way water is made available
for being used again for the high-pressure pump system.

Why choose CAP-RECY?

  • Fewer water refills
  • Less water and more sludge in the tank
  • Works without shutting off secondary lines
  • Works with a high volume of water in drains
  • No downtime
  • Multi-step filtering system for removing impurities from water
  • Protects the high pressure pump
  • Efficient grease separation
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the entire system