Combined sewer cleaner

FI series - with fixed internal wall

CAP-COMBI is the perfect example of a tailor-made product, designed to meet any customer’s need. It allows a much faster, more efficient, flexible and reliable cleaning. Extra modern technology supports and assists the operator. CAP-COMBI FI model is available with different equipments:

  • stainless steel or carbon steel tanks;
  • a fixed internal wall to keep the sludge compartment separate from the clean water compartment;
  • a wide range of vacuum pumps: rotary-type, liquid ring of rotary-lobe type;
  • triplex plungers high-pressure water pumps with a wide range of flows and pressures;
  • mechanical transmission to control the high pressure pump and the vacuum pump either independently or at the same time by means of the truck’s own PTO or CAPPELLOTTO’s “CAP PTO”.